AI has already taken on the role of a younger brother in our lives.

It's there, we have gotten used to it, and without it, everything would be more difficult for us now.

While some are calling for AI development to stop until the paperwork is done, we're integrating it into our systems to keep our users informed.

The world is changing from the ground up, and we've decided to start with small steps and watch how the new changes we introduce affect your experience working with our platform.

One of the biggest benefits of using Open AI is the development of creativity.

Starting today, Monadplug will allow you to create several new and unique creative titles using Open AI based on existing creative material.

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Everything is very simple. You can find this new feature on the individual campaigns page. To generate creative headlines, follow these steps:

Step One: Specify the number of creative

Specify the number of creative titles you want to generat. Initially, it is possible to create five titles per campaign. The whole process of title generation is limited to 10 different campaigns in 24 hours. The number of possible generations will increase over time.

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Let's goooo AI

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Step Two: Select creative

At this stage of integration, it is possible to create a new title, description and name for the creative. The user can select one or more generated titles. If you select more than one, more will be created as well. Choose the ones that you think have the greatest chance of success.

And that's it...

New creatives are created.

We would like to point out that all other fields not generated by the AI are copied.

Our goal was to increase the creativity of our users. While we are waiting for the results, we would like to hear your opinion on all this and how you see the symbiosis of Open AI and the DSP platform.

Until then, read for what purpose we can use Open AI, and let's be happy that we have our little brother.

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