Traffic Monetization Guide: How do Websites Make Money?

How do websites make money from traffic?

Getting paid for your efforts is the ultimate goal of every webmaster, publisher, and/or content marketer. But to be fair, that goal isn’t always as easy as it might look.

So how do they do it exactly?

Right now, there are tons of strategies that can bring substantial income to Publishers. From e-commerce sites, e-mail listing campaigns to affiliate marketing, and lead generation strategies, there’s an abundance to choose from.

So it’s logical to ask yourself this:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the most simple, most effective strategy of them all?

And the mirror said selling your traffic/ad space. Why? Well, the process is simple – if you have a website filled with quality content that generates traffic, then you’re almost ready to go. In that case, all you need is an ad code from an ad network of your choice.

On the other hand, If you’re a newbie that’s just getting a hang of things, then concentrating on the growth of high-quality traffic through quality content should be your no.1 goal.

In Plain English, this means that you’ll need to give your best shot at reaching the highest possible number of visitors interested in the content you generate.

After generating a significant amount of quality traffic to the website, it’s time to understand your audience through their interests & behavior.

In other words, you’ll need to know why they visit your website and how much they are enjoying what they see (Users, New Users, Pageviews, Unique Pageviews).

You’ll also need to know where your traffic comes from (Organic, Direct, Social, Referral), what value it has (Tier 1,2,3..) and in what volumes (daily, monthly, and yearly breakdowns & comparisons).

Finally, you have to understand how much time your visitors actually spend on the website (Avg. Session Duration, Avg.Time on Page, Pages/Session, Bounce Rate, Exits, etc..)

Furthermore, knowing these basic insights into your traffic is important because it will determine the most suitable ad format (a fancy word for an ad code with specific dimensions, sizes, and positions) for your website.

All publishers, webmasters, and/or content marketers need to choose an ad format that will maximize traffic income.

Of course, all of this has to be done without jeopardizing your audience with intrusive and unwanted strategies.

How to make money from your traffic

Once you have enough traffic with a clear understanding of your audience, it’s time to paste that ad code. After pasting it, the advertisements should appear in less than five minutes.

But that’s the easy part. The complicated part is optimizing those ads to match the needs of your audience.

To do that, your ad network needs to do a hell of a job. Account Managers need to place maximum efforts into analyzing your traffic quality & user demographics which are used for ad optimization strategies (personalizing the ads for your audience).

However, keep in mind that all ad optimization strategies almost always require a couple of days of testing before hitting the sweet spot.

This is exactly why you’ll need to be patient enough to allow your Account Manager to bring the best out of your traffic and help you turn it into the easiest revenue you’ve ever made.

If you’re not into selling your ad space (traffic), but you’re still looking for some actionable “quick buck” strategies, then you should definetly take a look at publishers and advertisers in Affiliate Marketing

Understanding RTB and how Publishers, Webmasters, and Content Marketers fit in

When it comes to buying & selling ad space (traffic) via RTB, time is the most important thing. Why? Because, after some time & necessary ad optimizations, the right advertisers will find you, and after they do, your revenue will significantly increase.

However, in order to keep high revenues at a steady pace, you’ll need constant traffic volumes. The logic behind this is simple; usually, after a certain amount of time, old users get saturated by advertisements, which causes click-through declines. This is why acquiring fresh users will bring you more revenue & help you maintain your current ad space income.

Even if you are an experienced publisher with a full understanding of your traffic, you’ll still need to let some time pass before actual results start rolling in.

Good-to-Know for Publishers

Another important thing to know when starting to work with ad networks is that working with one network is optimal.

Think about it, huge ad networks literally connect to the same demand pool that other huge ad networks do, which means that the most popular networks you see popping up in your search feeds, have identical(if not the same) campaigns; more or less.

But that’s not the problem.

The real problem is that even huge ad networks can indirectly affect user experience by placing poorly optimized and barely targeted campaigns/advertisements. This is directly impacting your revenue by causing traffic quality drops, which could potentially harm the trust & value your audience has for you in the long run. If that happens, you’re toast, so choose wisely.

Why Should Publishers Use MonadPlug?

  • MonadPlug is highly transparent! So, this means that our platform provides publishers with complete access to statistics and income. Further, you can monitor your output in real-time.
  • Furthermore, publishers always love our flexible payment conditions and quick payments. Therefore, remember that we have a huge worldwide demand pool. We can offer the greatest value for your traffic by combining in-house technology with highly profitable ad optimization strategies.
  • Our hyper-responsive team is one of MonadPlug’s distinctive values. Our staff is very skilled in campaign optimization to ensure that your traffic gets sold at the highest possible prices.
  • MonadPlug provides complete assistance via experienced Account Managers. This includes setting up tags, choosing the best ad formats for your monetization, etc.
  • We also respect your requirements and the environments (i.e. frequency caps) as your audience knows best. We will always help you with any questions or problems that you might experience. So, please feel free to always contact us.
  • Of course, we are always looking for fresh trends and alternatives as well. Obviously, our procedures are continually improved to give our customers the best possible service.

Our Message to Publishers

“Share your feedback with us or inform us about a specific trend or need. We will give our 100% to deliver you anything that could be the next big thing!”

We hear what publishers really want, and we show that by taking real action. MonadPlug intends to ensure a smooth and lucrative voyage through the realms of RTB – powered digital advertising.

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