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Affiliate Marketing: Uncovering 11 Myths you surely didn’t know about

Affiliate Marketing Myths Affiliate Marketing is still considered to be highly effective for companies mainly due to performance-based payouts. Advertisers steer consumers in the right direction in order to increase sales of their products, publishers assist and everybody wins. However, Affiliate marketing had a shady history because it was previously Read more…

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What are Verticals in Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re just getting started with
this business then you should probably know a thing or two about verticals. Even the most basic knowledge will get you a long way and help you achieve
better target demographics.
So what are verticals and what does it actually mean to be a part of a vertical market? Let’s dive into this ultimate guide that will teach you how to recognize,utilize, and incorporate
ad verticals.

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Supply-Side Platforms: All You Need to Know to Understand Them

Supply-Side Platforms Guide As soon as advertising switched from printed to digital, long before Supply-Side Platforms; publishers began formulating new methods for revenue generation. The most profitable revenue model was, ironically, the one that was there all along-advertising. Display advertising aimed at replicating printed ads within the online world to Read more…