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Affiliate Marketing: Uncovering 11 Myths you surely didn’t know about

Affiliate Marketing Myths Affiliate Marketing is still considered to be highly effective for companies mainly due to performance-based payouts. Advertisers steer consumers in the right direction in order to increase sales of their products, publishers assist and everybody wins. However, Affiliate marketing had a shady history because it was previously Read more…

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What are Verticals in Affiliate/Digital Marketing?

If you’re just getting started with
this business then you should probably know a thing or two about verticals. Even the most basic knowledge will get you a long way and help you achieve
better target demographics.
So what are verticals and what does it actually mean to be a part of a vertical market? Let’s dive into this ultimate guide that will teach you how to recognize,utilize, and incorporate
ad verticals.

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Publishers and Advertisers in Affiliate Marketing (For Beginners)

Publishers + Advertisers Monetization As years go by, publishers and advertisers digital marketing, and their relevance grows increasingly. Definitely, traffic monetization has extremely high upside potential. The new modern era of affiliate marketing monetization has become so important; it is hard to imagine how things used to look before digitalization Read more…