Search Monetization is by far one of the best traffic monetization strategies that both publishers and advertisers value highly. The whole concept is purely based on traffic conversion, from a regular visitor to an actual user.

Terms like „traffic conversion“ might sound complicated at first, but they are actually really simple. Traffic is basically another term for people that visit your site, or in other words, potential customers. Conversion is a process where a visitor becomes a customer. Search monetization has successfully managed to increase revenues and simultaneously help businesses grow at a much faster rate than before.

The process itself is generally very simple, it’s based purely around search intent. In plain English, if users search for something, you help them find exactly what they were looking for.

Besides the obvious benefits it provides in terms of profit, search boxes can also be used as a research tool. For example, if you own a website that already has a search box implemented, you can use that same search box to find all you need to know about your audience’s needs, issues, as well as how to adjust your content to fit their needs.

Traffic monetization through all its models is extremely profitable, but targeting search engine results can help you earn substantially more than you’ve ever earned before. Just think about it, if search monetization isn’t so profitable, then why is Google doing it?

Search Monetization ilustration

Before we dive into our most profitable methods for monetizing search feeds, have in mind that there are some key elements you must understand in order to successfully monetize search queries.

Understand User Intent

Understanding user intent is crucial for this particular monetization strategy. For example, banner advertising is substantially less profitable than search advertising simply because it’s more compatible with user intent. It’s relatively easy to understand search intent. If users search for local restaurants, then it’s completely obvious what their intent is.

Improve User Experience

User experience is directly connected to understanding user intent. The more you understand user intent, the better your user experience becomes. Tracking user behavior through their search queries assures that they will receive exactly what they want, instead of untargeted irrelevant information.

Effective Search Monetization is comprised of understanding user intent and improving user experience along the way, never forget that and you will never stop earning.

Search Monetization strategies

In essence, there are many ways in which you can monetize your search queries, and in this particular guide, we will cover only the most profitable methods.


Advertising is generally considered as a highly profitable search monetization strategy. It focuses on thorough keyword research that aims to optimize the site itself to generate higher traffic. The more traffic the site generates, the more appealing it becomes to advertisers. Publishers use keyword research strategies to easily identify what type of advertisers they need to convert their traffic into revenue.  The hardest part of this whole process is when users actually reach your site. So, optimizing your site to match their search intent is the best way to go.

How to optimize your site

From your headline and your content to your ads, everything needs to be fully compatible with user search terms. The more you satisfy their needs and preferences, the higher your conversion rates. As you repeat the process you start to gain revenue up to the point where you will be able to dictate the charging price of your advertising.

Custom search feeds

Users do not necessarily need to leave your site to search for information they might be looking for. What do we mean by that? Well, you can simply monetize your search feed by adding your own custom search feed to your own website. Pretty nice, isn’t it?

This particular feed isn’t just a search feed bar, it also collects results all over the web and returns them to your users. Basically, whenever your user searches for something through your search box, you earn money. Every custom feed can be completely modified to fit your desired needs. It’s non-intrusive, it’s useful, it’s effective, and plus it earns money for you on its own, could it get any better?

How to monetize your site through search feeds

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Direct search feeds

If you simply do not favor integrating a custom search feed box into your website, you can always choose direct search feeds. These feeds redirect your users towards favor search engines and through their auto-optimization algorithms, you are guaranteed to receive only the highest payouts that are generated by your users. The main difference between custom and direct search feeds is the fact that direct search feeds redirect your users towards other search engines; whereas custom feeds keep users on your to search box.

How to monetize direct search feeds

As soon as you implement direct search feed into your website, you will start converting traffic that you’ve generated into cash. As users search through the feed receive they get redirected towards either Bing or Yahoo, in most cases. The secret to higher revenues remains the same, the more user search queries, the merrier.

If you want to find out how to implement this into your site and start earning now, then simply click here and you’re ready to go.

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