Dashboard 2.0 Introductions and Changes

We are continuing with our series of articles on MonadPlug Dashboard 2.0, where we bring new very effective ad formats for publishers, but also improvements to our current formats in terms. Today’s article will demonstrate and discuss new MonadPlug ad format – popunder, and discuss changes to push notifications in terms of performance improvements.

Introduction of new Ad Format – Popunders

Popunders are a popular ad format that gained web traction over the past years. The digital industry defines popunders as ads that display in a new browser window but behind the current window of the page. Popunders are different from pop-ups; while pop-ups are shown and opened/closed, popunders wait for all other windows to be closed to be shown.

Popunders are a choice of many ad networks that work with this ad format – hence, publishers recognize the potential of popunders. Seemingly, this ad format is a very powerful tool to boost revenues from your online traffic. Most frequently, popunders usually are the main tool for lead generation – as they usually have a CTA (call-to-action). These go in two directions:

  • Redirecting to advertiser’s page through an offer
  • Leading to landing form and offer

It is important to have differentiation and flexibility when it comes to choosing ad formats for your page. Seemingly, popunders offer a superb 300% ROI boost, when compared to the most ad formats. However, on multiple occasions, popunders are under critique for being disruptive and annoying. Still, popunders perform better than pop-ups, due to their silent aggressiveness, which allows increases in profits overall. It is important to target the correct audience, and popunder will perform well – especially on mobile devices.

MonadPlug is releasing popunder format on Monday, on 20th of April, so definitely use your chance to start earning by using MonadPlug popunder.

Changes to MonadPlug Push Notifications

As a part of Dashboard 2.0, MonadPlug also introduces changes to current ad formats. Push Notifications are a significant part of the MonadPlug repertoire of ad formats. Push monetization is one of the biggest trends in the digital industry today. However, due to Google regulations (Quiet UI) over push notifications, certain improvements were needed to be done. So, changes that MonadPlug Dashboard 2.0 will bring are:

  • Higher EPC/CPC
  • Greater personalization
  • Push Notifications Frequency Editor

Higher EPC’s mean higher revenue for publishers; push notifications were profitable for most publishers. This rework of push notifications will make push monetization very powerful on MonadPlug. Greater personalization of push notifications will allow publishers to adjust notifications to fit their page more precisely.

This will ensure that more of your page visitors engage with the advertisement. Our Frequency Editor for push notifications will ensure that users choose their style of advertising in terms of ad frequency. This means that publishers will be allowed to choose the number of ads on a daily basis; aggressive style with more notifications daily, slick style with a relatively low number of notifications, etc. We believe that these changes will significantly boost publisher revenues up to a cap.

MonadPlug listens to its community, so new ad format introductions and changes to current ones are ought to be beneficial for publishers. These benefits will not just boost revenues but will increase the user experience of your web pages. This implies that more users will engage with page content.

For more information on new ad format introductions and changes brought by MonadPlug Dashboard 2.0, tune in into our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn feeds, as well as MonadBlog! 🙂