Starting with Traffic Monetization

MonadPlug Traffic Monetization Strategy

Traffic monetization is the ultimate target of every webmaster or content publisher. The process is simple – if you have a web page with some content, you can monetize it using monetization tools. Of course, publishers should concentrate on the growth of their traffic before they begin to monetize it. Firstly, you need to give your best shot at reaching the highest possible number of visitors to your web page.

After you have a significant amount of traffic to the website, it is time to get to understand your audience. Thus, it is very important to clearly understand the behavior of visitors to your website. This implies that you need to know why they visit your website. Also, you need to know where traffic comes from and how the content is interacted with. Finally, you have to understand how much time your visitors actually spend on the website.

Furthermore, knowing such information about your traffic is important when it comes to opting for a selection of ad formats. All publishers and content marketers need to choose an ad format that will allow maximizing traffic income. Of course, all of this has to be done without jeopardizing your audience.

How to Start Monetizing?

Once you understand your page visitors and have sufficient traffic, it’s time to start with traffic monetization! What you obviously want as a publisher is that your audience is satisfied with appropriate advertisements.

To do that, your traffic monetization network needs to have insights about your website. Furthermore, it needs to know the quality of your traffic. Also, it is important to get to understand the origin of your traffic (geo-locations); further, if visitors are organic – or they are redirected through other channels. This is information that helps your assigned account manager to further optimize the whole process of website traffic monetization.

Want to know more about how to monetize your online traffic?

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Strategy for Efficient Traffic Monetization

The main components for effective monetization are:

  • Time
  • Constant traffic volumes
  • Origin of traffic (if traffic comes from Tier 1 geos or somewhere else)
  • Effective communication with your Account Manager

Publishers should allow the system to obtain a stable volume during the test period. This is especially important when selecting a new platform for traffic monetization. Then, after a certain amount of time, the system will understand your traffic. In other words, it will optimize its configuration to deliver the best outcome for your webpage.

To sum up, time and steady traffic volumes are the primary elements for efficient traffic monetization. Hence, when choosing a monetization platform, you should be able to provide stable traffic levels during the test period. So, the system can understand the optimization settings that achieve the highest results for the publisher.

Understanding traffic monetization algorithms

Of course, time is important – mainly because, after some time, appropriate advertisers will find you. After they do, then your revenue will significantly increase. However, in order to keep high revenues, you must have constant traffic volume. This means that you constantly need to bring more subscribers to your website. The logic behind this is simple; usually, an old user is used to advertisements, so the click-through is not that probable. Hence, this implies that fresh users will usually bring you more revenue.

Even if you are an experienced publisher and fully understand your traffic, you will still need time; especially to start generating results for optimization algorithms. We do not advise to select and white-list the ad campaign too tight. However, you can do that unless certain required limitations are applied. Thus, this could reduce your general profit and exclude the search for new sources of demand. This can also be discussed with your assigned account manager that supervises your traffic monetization.

Good-to-Know in Traffic Monetization

Another important thing to know when starting with traffic monetization is that working with one network is optimal. This implies that it is generally better than merging several monetization networks. It is essential to understand that if you are using various monetization networks simultaneously, most networks have the same campaigns; more or less.

Moreover, various networks affect user experience which can harm traffic income and overall efficiency of the publisher’s website. The only way you can explore the potential of one network is to sell your traffic at a greater cost; eventually, you will make you higher revenues. However, we always recommend that publishers contact our account managers prior to any attempt of traffic monetization on MonadPlug.

Why Should Publishers Use MonadPlug Traffic Monetization Network?

  • MonadPlug is highly transparent! So, this means that our platform provides publishers with complete access to statistics and income. Further, you can monitor your output in real-time.
  • Furthermore, publishers always love our flexible payment conditions and quick payments. Therefore, remember that we have a huge worldwide demand pool. We can offer the greatest value for your traffic together with our strong ad technology.
  • Our hyper-responsive team is one of MonadPlug’s distinctive values. Our staff is very skilled in campaign optimization to ensure that your traffic monetization is effective.
  • MonadPlug provides complete publishing assistance. This includes setting up tags, choosing the best ad formats for your monetization, etc.
  • We also respect your requirements and the environments (i.e. frequency caps) as your audience knows best. We will always help you with any questions or problems that you might experience. So, please feel free to always contact us.
  • Of course, we are always looking for fresh trends and alternatives as well. Obviously, our procedures are continually improved to give our customers the best possible service.

Our message to publishers 

“Share your feedback with us or inform us about a specific trend or need. We will give our 100% to deliver you anything that could be the next big thing!”

We hear what publishers really want. This is not only listening, but we take real action. MonadPlug intends to ensure a smooth and lucrative voyage through digital advertising and traffic monetization!

Implementation of MonadPlug Push SDK

Push notifications are a very efficient and powerful way to reach your audience. Notifications appear to draw the attention of customers immediately, without being intrusive.

Of course, the best of all – customers do not have to be on a particular website or mobile browser. Still, push notifications are sent directly to the user’s unit or browser, which gives high visibility, commitment and clicking speed. As such, push notifications are superb, eye-catching advertising method.

1. Add Push SDK to your Website

Register, create a Push SDK tag and add it to your website.

2. Users subscribe to receive Web Push Notifications

Push SDK requests users’ permission to send Push Notifications.

3. Earn with push subscriptions

Your profit grows with every new subscription.

You can opt for:

  • Paid Traffic
  • Display Ads
  • Social-Media Traffic
  • Native Ads
  • Untargeted Traffic

MonadPlug Push SDK Benefits

Estimate Future Profits

All the CPC rates can be found on your dashboard. Hence, no surprises here – you get exactly what you’ve earned!

Traffic Monetization

Of course, With Push SDK, you can monetize ALL your traffic: any GEO, any device, any OS.

Analyze your Traffic Sources

Monitor conversions with S2S post-back tracking – learn which traffic sources bring the most profit to your campaigns.

If you want to learn a bit more about how to strategically approach Push Notifications Monetization, simply click here.

On the other hand, if you’re not really fond with Push Notifications, and you’re looking for something more appealing to your customers, you can always view all available ad formats MonadPlug has to offer. You just might like them, who knows, right?

Let us know if you have any concerns regarding MonadPlug monetization or our platform in particular. Are you a newbie in the world of monetization? Then subscribe to the MonadPlug platform! Contact us and start with monetization!

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