Why is Traffic Monetization so important?

To easily understand why traffic monetization is so important, try imagining a pay toll on a highway. Every vehicle that passes through the highway must pay a certain fee for the services that the Toll Service provides. To all drivers inside of the highway, high traffic is both a problem and expense. Whereas for the Toll Service it is pure revenue. The question here is simple, who would you rather be, the driver or the Pay Toll service? The similarity between internet traffic and road traffic lies in the fact that both types are constant, and they always will be.

There will always be ads, which will be viewed by large amounts of people, who consequentially generate traffic, which ultimately brings profit. Just as the actual highway traffic brings profit to Toll Services.

The moral of the story is that high traffic pays. Your standpoint, skills, and knowledge are what determines whether you will monetize it, or simply be a part of it. The choice is all yours. There are many platforms online that provide traffic monetization services, and that number is increasing daily. However, the most popular and arguably the most competent monetizing platform is by far Google AdSense. Or is it?


This image aims to illustrate pro's and con's among MonadPlug and Google AdSense

AdSense Analysis

Google AdSense is undoubtedly the most famous, most iconic traffic monetization platform that has been present for more than a decade. It is a sophisticated ad platform that allows successful accumulation of revenue through mainly CPC models by placing ads that are directly correlated to your audience.

As far as the ad format is concerned, AdSense displays various formats such as text, image, or perhaps even video ads. Text formats such as banners appear on the bottom of video players and they can be easily manipulated to fit users’ needs (horizontal position or vertical position of the ad). However, they are mostly small in size and their background color can be different and thus a bit less appealing to audiences.

AdSense Ad Formats

As far as video ads are concerned there are three general types that AdSense provides its users with:

  • Pre-Roll ads which appear before the selected video begins
  • Mid Roll Ads which interrupt the video mainly in the middle to play the ad
  • Post Roll Ads which are rarely used. They appear as soon as the video ends.

Image banners, on the other hand, have proven themselves as a very cheap and effective method of AdSense advertisement since users can choose to either modify existing, create new, or perhaps even upload their own images through AdSense. This specific ad format appears on special places within the website like selected places, but they are typically in videos.

Besides that, Google AdSense has a variety of targeting options that bolster advertiser content (Ads of course) on user domains in an attempt to increase users’ overall monthly revenue. Contextual Targeting function is keyword targeting. Ads that directly correlate to your audience are obviously a part of that.

Keyword Targeting

What is keyword targeting? It’s basically an analysis of words and their frequency along with font size and the overall link structure. This occurs when Google Bots begin to analyze user content in order to display advertisements relevant to the website itself.

Advertisement recommendations can also adapt ads according to users’ age, gender, location, language as well as interests. That basically means that Google AdSense Ads adapt to both your content and your visitors which vastly increases your chances of boosting your monthly income. Advertisers who prefer to specify their language settings according to their users can implement those changes through Google AdWords.

Interest-Based advertising adapts ads to user interests based on previous interactions with the advertiser that provided those exact same ads. Browsing logs collect user interests through websites that are using AdSense as well as through Google search history analysis. If a user’s browsing log is mainly focused on one concrete content then it is highly probable for that user to be subjected to advertisements that are directly related to that content.

In this specific scenario, users are provided with full freedom and flexibility. They can choose between manually adjusting and completely disabling interest tracking. Interest targeting also provides users with one specific advantage that can target previous users in an attempt to make them return to the page again. This specific method is called re-marketing. It can be very effective in traffic monetization if dispatched timely and correctly.

Placement Targeting

Another method that can be utilized is Placement targeting which specifically targets sites through demographic, geographic methods, or perhaps via URL. Geographic methodologies use geolocation strategies to determine users’ IP and the sole accuracy of this methodology strictly depends on how much information do ISPs (Internet Service Providers) share about their clients. Some ISPs are precise and specific to the point where users’ exact address is shown, whereas some ISPs are so strict and confidential that only the users’ country is known.

Geo-targeting allows advertisers to choose from targeting whole regions, countries, cities or perhaps manually targeted location radius’s of cities that target specific audiences. Advertisement accuracy in this case strictly depends on this factor, the higher the accuracy of the geolocation that ISP provides, the higher the accuracy of ads displayed on the website.

Potential Disadvantages of Google AdSense

However, there are some disadvantages which occasionally cause AdSense users to lean towards alternative platforms for traffic monetization such as MonadPlug. The main problem of AdSense disadvantages, however unlikely that may sound, lies in its interconnectedness between advertisers, publishers, and viewers. As that may look like a large virtue it’s actually a fatal flaw which creates a larger problem than it actually is. What do we mean by that? The math here is simple, Advertisers’ problem is also the publishers’ problem, which is also the viewer’s problem which ultimately creates a stagnation phase which no serious marketer wants.

Even if this collective issue is somehow avoided, publishers are still subjected to constant risks due to the high fluctuation of ad prices. Publishers highly rely on ads and they tirelessly work on perfecting and utilizing their beloved craft-ads. The biggest issue here for them is the lack of minimum pricing for ad spots. And even if pricing would be fixed, a general ad issue is still present which can potentially cripple user traffic and consequentially lead to low income that can last up to several months.

This is unexplained, yet still, a very frequent phenomenon in which Google AdSense somehow ends up placing completely unrelated ads or even repeated ads to a user’s website. This particular situation leads to negative visitor feedback that directly impacts user traffic by gradually decreasing it which eventually leads to lower visits, lower clicks, thus meaning lower income.

Google AdSense Overall Analysis

AdSense is generally a very powerful tool for utilizing and monetizing advertisements. Throughout the years it has literally changed the whole perspective of advertising, unfortunately, at a very slow but steady pace, it is being replaced by other advertising services which effectively approach these mentioned issues to assure full commodity, flexibility, and most importantly safety to all its users, wherever they may be.

Basically, Publishers are placed in a position where they are completely dependent on the outcome of Advertiser competitiveness. That ultimately defines AdSense as a fluctuating source of income, which is a bit problematic for publishers. Experienced Publishers, Marketers, and Advertisers mainly choose AdSense as a passive income tool to facilitate large increases in revenue in fields such as up-selling. Basically, AdSense has become increasingly popular in terms of passive income due to the vast complexity of essential monetizing factors that are much more simplified on other AdSense-like platforms.

AdSense itself is very strict and precise in its application requirement policies. Despite the fact that thoroughness and professionalism cannot harm, it most certainly can have negative effects. For example, one of AdSense Policies enlists specific ownership criteria that place Publishers from locations such as China and India in a very sensitive situation where they must approximately wait 6 to 12 months to fulfill Google’s site age criteria. Google does allow them to submit their applications right away. However, many cases show that over 90% of sites get rejected because Google deemed their site as “not old enough”.

Reasons for Google AdSense Alternatives for Traffic Monetization

Thus, meaning that Users from specifically this region tend to choose alternative platforms due to more flexible site age policies. At the same time, they may choose AdSense for either up-selling or simply passive income. Verifying your account and receiving your payments is also quite complex when it comes to AdSense. Namely, Google requests your postal code as a mean of address verification. This is a large issue for users who are frequent travellers. However, this is not the case at MonadPlug.

Despite evident disadvantages, AdSense does have many virtues such as full flexibility when it comes to monetizing models. Users can successfully manipulate these models to fit their needs and simultaneously boost their revenues. However, AdSense users rarely utilize CPC which is one of the most profitable models. Mainly because it forces users to use pop up ads to stimulate their growth. On the other hand, MonadPlug fully integrates and effectively utilizes the CPC model to boost its user revenues without any possible risk of payout rollback.

MonadPlug Network Analysis

MonadPlug provides its users with a stable, safe experience that rarely disconnects or bans its users. There are, however, specific situations where that does happen, but it requires extreme conditions for it to happen, unlike Google AdSense bans which happen frequently to users and mainly without any precise explanation.

In specific situations, AdSense algorithms can detect bot activity or too frequent click rate of which users are completely unaware and immediately facilitate a permanent ban. This is extremely nerve-wracking especially to users who consider AdSense as their main source of income.

Arguably one of the most damaging disadvantages of AdSense towards its users is the negative impact on page loading speed. Google’s Java Scripts loads ads from their servers. The server assists in ad implementation. It also aims to assure that ads are seen on the user’s web page. However, that same mechanism lowers page speed which directly impacts the SEO, ultimately causing web page content to rank lower.

Advantages of Using MonadPlug Network for Traffic Monetization

One of the biggest issues in this particular situation is that advertises might still work on unsecured domains (http). AdSense users, on the other hand, use secure domains (https) which ultimately causes ads to not load at all. MonadPlug, as well as other similar platforms, consider secure domains (https) as a necessary requirement. Consequentially, it’s impossible for users to experience a lack of advertisement. Furthermore, Google can’t cache all images from its servers which is the main cause of browser issues. If you’re trying to monetize high social traffic through AdSense, you will most likely find yourself in situations like this. It’s either your monthly revenue is decreased (due to Google social traffic Policies) or non-existing because your account was disabled.

However low in “buyer intent” high social traffic might be, that is virtually impossible to avoid. So, if you’re trying to target social media traffic, maybe Google AdSense isn’t the best tool in the box. Since social media traffic has become increasingly important in the world of digital marketing, it is highly imperative to utilize and incorporate it into your platform. So, if you can’t beat them, join them. Google AdSense might not be able to help you here, but MonadPlug can and most certainly will!

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