Dashboard v2.0 is definitely bringing a lot of changes that will greatly benefit all Publishers. We’ve seen In-Page Push, Native Ad Improvements, Push Notification Improvements and Pop-unders.

If you thought that was it, congratulations, you’re wrong.

In-Text is here and along with them some Smart URL improvements you’ll surely like.

Let’s get right into it.

What is In-Text Native?

An illustration of In-Text Native.

In-Text Native is a mid-article ad format that lets Publishers put Native Ads between the paragraphs of his pages. This particular Ad Format is optimized for better visual appeal while maintaining a non-intrusiveness.

This means that In-Text Native blends perfectly with the natural experience of your website’s users, which can potentially lead to much higher CTRs in the long run.

In-Text Native’s performance thrives when it comes to mobile. It can perfectly adapt to smaller screen spaces or custom spaces that are only present on the mobile version of your website.

Besides that, with the help of our new and improved widget settings, you can additionally optimize In-Text by using custom CSS that matches the CSS of your website.

This is how the default version of In-Text looks like:

Smart URL for Publishers illustration.

What’s new with Smart URL?

Despite being the least popular Ad Format on Monadplug, they’re still worth mentioning. We decided to optimize Smart URL‘s mainly because we don’t see them utilized as often as they should be.

Why are Smart URL’s better than before?

  • Sophisticated Targeting (Our system assures that only high-quality offers are delivered to your users)
  • Higher CPC/EPC (Since only high-quality, relevant offers are shown to your users, it’s only natural that the EPC will rise)
  • Live Redirects (Allows you to send users to offers based on their current location, operating system, and device)

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Dashboard v2.0: Interstitials and Smart URL Improvements
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Dashboard v2.0: Interstitials and Smart URL Improvements
Find out all about our latest Ad format: Interstitials and see what improvements we've made in order to increase Smart URL performance and user experience.
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