In-Page Push Notifications – Ad Format Trends in 2020

In-page push is seemingly the current highlight of 2020 in the digital industry!

In-page push is a new ad format that resembles push notifications but in a completely new shape. Now, users do not have to subscribe to get the in-page push, and that is the main difference from the traditional push notifications. Seemingly, in-page push looks more like a banner ad, and it is shown directly on the publisher’s website.

Hence, in-page push ads are, technically, not push notifications. Hence, they are much more user-friendly than regular push notifications. An in-page push is available for all users and all devices, including iOS devices. Push notifications were not adjusted to iOS, and this is one of the main perks of in-page push notifications.

Chrome 80 update has a significant impact on push notifications, which affects the overall quality of push notifications. In-page push has come as a response to Chrome 80 update – and it is great, as it is completely compliant with new Google push notifications rules.

In-page push notifications are currently among the strongest ad formats in the digital industry. At the moment, this ad format works on the CPC model. In practice, in-page push shows ads at the same moment the bidding is over on this position. Of course, this allows high customization of in-page push, as publishers can choose their targeting options. This will allow users to reach a completely fresh audience, especially as the in-page push is not under strict restrictions by Google Chrome 80 push notifications update.

Advantages of in-page push ad format

 There are so many advantages of in-page push ad format when compared to other ad formats, and especially push notifications. Some of the most notable advantages of in-page push are listed below.

Users do not need to subscribe

It is amazing that users do not have to subscribe to in-page push in order to receive them. This is a huge advantage for both publishers and advertisers, as the user will definitely see the ad format when browsing the page. As contrary to push notifications, which are, in some cases, blocked by quiet UI, this is not the case with in-page push.

This ad format will be shown to all users that enter the web page by the publisher. One could suppose that if users do not have to subscribe to get in-page push, that this ad format is intrusive; this is, however, wrong, as in-page push notifications are relatively low-key and do not heavily stand out. Also, the user can quickly close in-page notifications.

More broad audience than regular push notifications

As said earlier, every user sees in-page push that enters the web page while browsing. In this case, every user means every device. This is one of the strongest advantages of in-page push ad format, as it is possible to display them to iOS devices – both desktop and mobile!

This is amazing for publishers and advertisers, as iOS users were generally excluded by some other ad formats e.g. push notifications. Seemingly, now that in-page push targets iOS users as well, this opens a whole new direction for publishers and advertisers.

Quick display of in-page push

If you enter the page that has in-page push notifications, you will see them in the upper right corner immediately. This is because the in-page push is quickly shown at the moment when the bidding auction is complete, and the ad that won is on the display. However, in comparison to push notifications, the in-page push is displayed only when the user is on the website.

Users will get push notifications even when they leave the website. This is not the case with in-page push. However, this increases user satisfaction, as a lower number of notifications will not annoy users. Furthermore, in-page push significantly increases user retention rate.

CPC model

In-page push works on the CPC model exclusively at the moment. CPC model is generally the most convenient for push notifications in general, so this includes in-page push as well. This is mostly due to reason as push notifications are frequent in display to the user (in-page when browsing without having to subscribe; in-page even when not on the page, but having to subscribe).

So, given that users do not have to subscribe to notifications is a massive advantage; however, this gives users the freedom to opt for clicking on in-page push or not. Hence, in-page push will definitely get high-quality traffic, as only willing users will opt to click on the ad.

Verticals that work best with in-page push notifications

As this is a completely new ad format, it was under the test by all ad networks in order to determine which verticals would work best! Seemingly, as the in-page push is similar to push notifications, similar verticals work as well. While this is still true, do not forget that the in-page push targets iOS users as well.

Hence, a broad range of verticals is definitely possible, due to a larger amount of users targeted through ads.

Some of the most notable mentions concerning highest earning verticals with in-page push notifications are:

  • Diet and Nutra
  • Dating
  • Finance
  • Betting
  • E-commerce

Seemingly, these verticals have shown significant results over the course of time in 2020, where diet and nutra were the most effective and efficient, with dating and finance being also very powerful. So, if you look for ideas on which verticals to advertise on in-page push, definitely consider this list above!

How to start with in-page push notifications on MonadPlug?

The integration of MonadPlug ad formats is super-easy! This works also for MonadPlug’s in-page push notifications. All you have to do as a publisher is to create an account on MonadPlug (if you do not have an account already), add your site, and under section ‘Sites’ add ‘MonadPlug in-page push’ format. Integration is also easy – it is similar to native ads integration. All you have to do is copy MonadPlug’s In-Page Push code and paste it to your website code. That easy!

For more info on new ad formats and changes in the digital industry, tune in to our MonadBlog where we discuss the most contemporary ideas in digital marketing.

As for new stuff on MonadPlug, please check our MonadPlug website!

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