Go Seamless with Native: 2020 Visual Updates (Custom CSS, CTA…)

According to expert studies, US Native Ad spendings are forecasted to grow up to 20.2% ($52.75 billion) in 2020. These statistics undoubtedly confirm that non-intrusive advertising formats are still effective & the right way to go. With constantly decreasing attention spans, it is crucial to rethink how your audience experiences your advertised content. That’s why creating a click-worthy Native Ad design is more crucial than you think, and luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work.

New and improved Widget Settings (Font family, font size, and custom spacings)

In our new and improved Widget Settings, you’ll find useful features for column and row spacing, custom fonts, and sizes; along with traditional widget options such as Adaptive block, mobile preview, and animated ads.

Quick reminder:

  • Adaptive Block – Widgets will adapt to mobile versions by pushing all advertised content into one column.
  • Mobile Preview – A preview that allows you to see how the adaptive block works.
  • Show Animated Ads – Toggle Animated advertisements on/off

Header Settings

Instead of being located in the widget settings section, we’ve moved our header settings to its own section where you’ll get a clear overview of all header customizations & options available at your disposal.

Header Settings include:

  • Edit Widget Title – Enter the desired text you wish to serve as your widget title
  • Title Color – Choose the desired color for your Widget Title
  • Header Box (ON/OFF) – Choose between visible and non-visible Header Box
  • Widget Title (ON/OFF) – Choose between visible and non-visible Widget Title
  • Brand Logo (ON/OFF) – Choose between visible and non-visible Brand Logo
  • White Brand Logo (ON/OFF) – Choose between visible and non-visible White Brand Logo
  • Header Border (ON/OFF) – Choose between visible and non-visible Header Border

Card Settings (Colors, text, CTA)

In this completely new section, we’ve added engaging new features that are likely to increase the overall visual appeal of your widgets, along with customizations that allow you to blend them into your website’s content seamlessly.

Card Settings include:

  • Text Color – Choose the desired color for ad titles
  • Text Color on Hover – choose a secondary color that appears after a user hovers over the ad title
  • CTA text –  Enter your desired Call-to-Action text
  • Call-to-Action color on hover – choose a secondary border color that appears after a user hovers over your Call-to-Action button
  • CTA Background color on hover – choose a secondary background color that appears after a user hovers over your Call-to-Action button
  • Show CTA – toggle Call-to-Action button on/off
  • Underline text on hover – toggle underlined ad title on hover on/off
  • Hover over to zoom on the image – toggle zoom on hover on/off

Modern Card Settings (Height, color, and radius)

This is where we’ve made most of our improvements/changes. Native Widgets can now manoeuvre from Traditional and Modern Card Templates, depending on your personal preference. Our modern card template design is by far the most innovative, visually appealing adjustment that has the potential to go back to back with your Website’s UX/UI, ultimately creating space & possibility for higher CTRs!

To activate the modern card template, simply toggle:

  like in the image above and you’re ready to go. 

As soon as it is toggled, modern card’s top and bottom radius, bottom height, and bottom border color become editable.

We also recommend toggling on:

option due to better visual appearance.

This is how your Native Widgets will look after small radius & height adjustments:

Advanced settings (Custom CSS)

Component boxes can be streched/shortened at any time. Component box has been shortened for the purpose of this article.

Fully customizable traditional & modern card templates not enough? You’ve tried all available options and yet somehow your Native Widgets still aren’t „seamlessly blending into your content“? No need to worry, we got that covered too.

Now, you can add custom CSS to:

  • Root Components
  • Header Components
  • Grid Components
  • Card Components

This particular option allows you to directly access specific Native Widget components without adding additional CSS files to your website. Plus, it makes the implementation process significantly easier, since you don’t need to manually apply anything. Simply paste your desired CSS code into your desired component, and after a brief sync period (approximately 2 minutes) your changes will be applied & visible on your site!

Oh yeah, and have we mentioned that you can now save, upload & choose your Native Design (Applies to both In-Text and standard Native) by using the Backup option?

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