Improvements are a big part of MonadPlug internal culture! We always tend to improve our products, services, and operations! We do this especially to further satisfy our customers, partners, but also to increase our efficiency and effectiveness. This time, we are bringing the largest set of changes under the name – MonadPlug Dashboard 2.0! Monadplug introduced the dashboard to the community for the past couple of days.

Now, it’s time to finally tell our audience what kind of changes does MonadPlug Dashboard 2.0 bring to the dashboard! Also, this blog includes statistics representation changes as well!

Dashboard changes

We wanted Dashboard changes to increase User Usability of the Dashboard! Also, by these changes, we increased the accessibility of the dashboard overall. Also, navigation was a bit problematic on the dashboard itself.

Now, Dashboard 2.0 changes are:

  • Much faster, with increased responsiveness and more visually enhanced
  • Users can choose every ad format through the Sites Section; (instead of being split into ‘push’ and ‘native’ as to before)
  • NEW SECTION: CPA rates (allows publishers to check CPA at any given time)
  • New and improved Account settings (adjusting account, name, e-mail, etc. easily)
  • Payments split into two categories: earnings and payments – this allows publishers to track their revenue through time-and-receive detailed insight.

Statistics representation improvements

Statistics representation also needed an overhaul! There were a couple of bugs that needed a fix! This is especially in the case when a certain category cannot be exported. Another problem is the visual representation of the data on the dashboard.

Most notable changes to statistics representation are:

  • Visual representation enhancements for data representation (e.g. revenue per day on a graph)
  • More precise data in real-time
  • Expansion of categories for data analysis (e.g. eCPM, EPC, etc.)

Seemingly, Monadplug devotes countless hours to develop all projects to fit the needs and wants of publishers. With this, we find new ways to provide our Publishers with perfect conditions for monetization. It is safe to say that we have done exactly that.

To see other changes that we mentioned in our blog earlier, click below on what you’re interested in:

Tune in to the following content where we continue the discussion of the current digital industry trends! 🙂